In 1988, Phil Farrand developed Finale Version 1.0 for Coda Music Software. Other versions appeared, and after version 3.7, Finale 97 was launched. Marketers of Finale decided to go with the year of the version instead. As technology advanced, new features were added to Finale, and it remains one of the top music notation programs on the market.

With Finale, any music can be notated from a textbook chorale to a cut-out score including new symbols invented by the composer. Capabilities also include guitar tablature and jazz font similar to that used in the Real Book. Music can be entered using a computer keyboard in real time, mouse clicks, or a MIDI keyboard. Music can also be scanned, and the MicNotator can be used to notate single-line melodic pitches using an accoustic instrument and a microphone. MIDI files can also be imported and exported and can play back music using MIDI or samples from the Garritan library. Human Playback can be applied to a score in order to make it sound less mechanical. The scores can be printed or the audio can be exported to .aif, .wave, or .mp3. Videos and music can be synchonized in Finale as well.

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